Sylhet International Cricket Stadium

“Sylhet International Cricket Stadium” in Sylhet, Bangladesh. However, it’s worth noting that cricket is immensely popular in Bangladesh, and the country has several cricket stadiums where international and domestic matches are held.

One of the main cricket stadiums in Sylhet is the “Sylhet International Cricket Stadium” or “Sylhet Stadium” for short. It is officially known as the “Sylhet International Cricket Stadium,” but it’s also commonly referred to as “Sylhet Stadium.” The stadium is located in Sylhet, Bangladesh, and it has hosted various domestic and international cricket matches.

The stadium has a seating capacity of several thousand spectators and has witnessed exciting cricket encounters, including both One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20 (T20) matches. It provides an excellent venue for cricket enthusiasts in the region to enjoy live cricket action.

Please note that there might have been updates or developments related to the stadium after my last update. For the most current information about the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium or any other cricket-related facilities in Sylhet, I recommend checking with official sources or news outlets.

Sylhet International Cricket Stadium location:

The Sylhet International Cricket Stadium, also known as Sylhet Stadium, is located in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The exact address of the stadium is:

Sylhet International Cricket Stadium Airport Road, Mazar Point, Sylhet 3100 Bangladesh

Please keep in mind that stadium locations and addresses can change over time, so it’s always a good idea to verify the current location through official sources or maps before planning a visit.